Elenore Arquette
Real Estate Broker
Co-Owner - Arquette Properties



My Experience

Real estate has been my profession since 1986. First as an agent, then as a broker. Today, I focus on finding prospective real estate agents for Arquette Properties, supporting them with the best training, tools and advice possible. We want our agents to feel at home and to be equipped in every way to be the best agent possible.


I have been called competitive, sensitive, driven. All true. I also own up to loving the outdoors and personal fitness. Cooking, gardening, interior design - these are passions of mine as well. My constant companion is Lucy, our black lab mix. My best friend is John, counselor and partner in life. Rudy, Caleb and Claire complete our family. My personal mantra is "Do Good, Live Well, Be Great".

About ME

Kudos for arquette

Arquette Properties is local, positive, helpful. I say that’s a good thing.
— Mark Roberts, Executive Vice President, Staff Leasing, Inc.
Joining Arquette Properties has changed my career for the better.
— Daniel Stazzone, REALTOR® @ Arquette Properties
We love working for Arquette Properties. Elenore is a great mentor to have in the Real Estate world!
— Barbara Miller, REALTOR® @ Arquette Properties & Pam DeMAscole, REALTOR® @ Arquette Properties